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Thrilled to Death

Monday morning, a young mother disappears after a doctor’s appointment.

Monday evening, a young socialite leaves a risqué lounge after an evening of drinking and never makes it home. Detective Wade Jackson, of Eugene, Oregon’s Violent Crimes Unit, ends up with both cases.

The missing mother is Danette Blake, a friend of the family, and all signs indicate she may have fled the pressures of life. But Jackson’s personal search for her must be set aside when Courtney, the socialite with rich, powerful parents, turns up mysteriously dead in a public place. Pressured by the chief of police, Jackson and his team descend into Courtney’s wanton world, uncovering a handful of suspects with disturbing motives.

Although it’s hardly the first time a case has led Jackson into dark territory, the discovery that the two disappearances are connected brings him face-to-face with the last person he expects. And leaves him wondering, where is the other missing woman?

Important places

Eugene (35)


Lane (43)


Oregon (944)


United States (64,950)