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Little Princes

Paperback. Pub Date :2011-08-04 Pages: 320 Language: English Publisher: Harpertrue The riveting story of Conor Grennans year in Nepal reads like a cross between Into Thin Air and Three Cups of Tea While volunteering at an orphanage. Conor discovers. that the children are not orphans:.. they are trafficked Despite the danger. Conor treks up dirt paths with photographs of the children. miraculously reuniting dozens of families.Its 2006 and Nepal is a country torn apart by war. greed and corruption Caught in the middle are the Nepalese children. snatched and sold into slavery. the kidnappers promising their families that they will be taken to a safe haven from where they will eventually return. Some of the luckier ones are finally dumped in an orphanage. only to be found by Conor. an unlikely philanthropist. Conors search for intrepid adventure on the cusp of 30 soon becomes a ...

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