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The Pharos Objective

A legendary treasure chamber hidden beneath the ruins of the ancient Pharos Lighthouse has defied discovery for over two thousand years…Until today.

Until the Morpheus Initiative – a team of psychic archaeologists – use their abilities to solve the mysteries of the Pharos and bypass its deadly defenses. But as they close in on the chamber, they are thrust into an ancient conflict between the keepers of Pharos's astonishing secret and evil forces bent on its destruction.


"THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE is Indiana Jones meets the X-Files. Action and adventure that crosses the world, and a damned good story." -- Kevin J. Anderson, #1 international bestselling author of THE TERRA INCOGNITA SERIES and co-author of the DUNE PREQUELS

"A dynamite combination of psychic archaeology, secret societies, ancient mysteries and thrilling storytelling." – Steven Savile, author of SILVER

"This is a book I wish I'd written - great premise - great imagination!" -M.J. Rose, international bestselling author of THE REINCARNATIONIST

Also available from this author, the sequel: THE MONGOL OBJECTIVE. And check out a new series of novelettes written in collaboration with best-selling UK author, Steven Savile.

Important places

Alexandria (266)


Al Iskandariyah (266)


Egypt (2,000)