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How to Keep A Human

Wondering how to train your human to be an upstanding denizen of the True Woods? Worried that your human needs your help, but you don't know where to begin? Let Amaruq -- the world's most philosophical, intrepid lupo-canine -- be your guide! Learn at the paws of the King of Dawson City himself.

Amaruq, half wolf, half malemute, is just a baby when a terrible thing happens — he falls in love with a human ape! Will he ever succeed in training his human to be a proper Leader of the Pack? Will they ever make their den in the True Woods, far, far up North of Sixty? It’s a long journey from civilisation to home, but if any mutt can lead the way, it’s the planet’s most philosophical, fun-loving lupo-canine, the intrepid Amaruq.

Important places

Dawson (43)


Yukon (174)


Canada (8,082)

Other geographical areas

Ogilvie Mountains (48)
Mackenzie Mountains (51)
Northern Canada (299)