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Tacky and the Emperor

HardCover. Pub the Date: September. 2000 Pages: 32 in Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children It's common knowledge that Tacky was never the best-dressed penguin. But the when he and his friends the prepare for the arrival be bare of of the emperorracing. Tacky gets carried Just can not stay away and ends up in more than just elegant attire! Tacky ings his own unique and of humor and entertainment to the emperor's visit. Here is another wacky addition to Tacky's myriad adventures in which friendship. kindness. and laughter always win out! Tacky fans will be carried to new heights of hilarity by this latest Tacky tale. While awaiting a visit from the Emperor. a group of penguins fail to recognize their friend Tacky in the Emperor's clothes.


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