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Tales of the Titmouse

Pamela has been running, running from a teenage marriage, a dead-end job, and memories of a difficult childhood. In a cottage on her grandmother's property in San Gabriel, California she settles down and enrolls in the local beauty school. Through a fellow student, she meets an intriguing charismatic man. Caught up in a whirlwind romance she flies to Mexico with him and then discovers he's a man with a secret. In his world, she finds herself running again, this time running drugs.

Tales of the Titmouse is written to anyone whose life has been touched by the heartache of addiction. For addicts who are lost and hopeless. For their loved ones who feel like God doesn't hear their prayers. It is a memoir, a look into the dangerous world of drug smuggling through the eyes of a 23 year old woman. The story of a young woman looking for love, looking for purpose, and trying to fill the emptiness she feels inside with all the wrong things. Pamela's journey through the darkness of the drug world is a testament to the power of a mother's prayer and the faithfulness of God.

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