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A preparation for death

Paperback. Pub Date: 2011 Pages: 224 Publisher: Penguin Traditional autobiography is composed after the experience has passed I wrote this book in the very panic of the experiences that the Inspired IT 'In his early thirties Greg Baxter found himself in a strange place. He hated his job. he was drinking excessively. he was sabotaging his most important relationships. and he was no longer doing the thing he cared about most: writing. Strangest of all. at this time he started teaching evening classes in creative writing - and his life changed utterly. A Preparation for Death is a document of the chaos and discovery of that time and of the experiences that led Greg Baxter to that strange place - an extraordinarily intimate account of literary failure (and its consequences) . personal decay. and redemption through reading. writing. and truth-telling. Studded with vivid. loving p...

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