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Nightmare in Shining Armor

Paperback. Pub the Date: July. 2001 Pages: 288 in Publisher by: Avon of The Corpse Is In The Mail Den of Antiquity proprietress Abigail Timberlake's Halloween CHANGTENG TRADE party is a roaring success - The until an unexpected fire sends the panicked guests fleeing from Abby's emporium. One exiting reveler she is only too happy to see the back of is Tweetie Little Bo Peep Timberlake - unfaithful wife of Abby's faithless ex. Buford. But not long after the conflagration is ought under control. the former Mrs. T. discovers an unfamiliar suit of armor in her house. And stuffed inside is the heavily siliconed. no-longer-living body of the current Mrs. T. Certainly some enraged collector of medieval chain mail has sent Abby this deadly delivery. But diving into their eccentric ranks could prove a lethal proposition for the plucky antiques dealeramateur sleuth. And even a metal su...

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