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Immortal Milk: Adventures in Cheese

HardCover Pub Date: 2010 Pages: 242 Publisher: Free Press It's a challenge to describe the flavor of an excellent French cheese. Chuck and I were in our tiny rental in The Maris hovering over a Langres We did not have the funds for Champagne. but we had managed to get tipsy on a serviceable vin de pays. which is also a pleasant way to eat a Langres. It doesn't play well with others. Chuck continued. the thick smack of pate slowing her speech. It doesn't respect lesser cheese. It's like a road trip through Arizona in an old Buick. I offered. It has a half-life inside your teeth. It has ideas. It gradually peels off the skin on the roof of your mouth. It attains absolute crustiness and absolute creaminess. Anyone can read that a salt-washed Langres is salty. then taste its saltiness. but not everyone will taste in it the illiant and irascible character of Proust's Palamede de ...

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