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Beyond the Darkening

Amanda Tessler infiltrated the Society for the Preservation of Humanity to gather information to aid the “monsters” the organization seeks to cleanse from the earth. Her orders are to maintain her cover at any cost, but when the vampire she once loved is delivered to the facility, starved, blinded, and slated for further suffering in her lab, clinical detachment fails her.

An act of misguided loyalty lands Nathan Hilliard in the hands of an enemy bent on the extermination of his species and, perhaps more hazardous to his health, at the mercy of the woman he publicly humiliated six years ago. She has every reason to leave him there to rot, so setting him free must be a game to her, a subtler form of torture for him.

Despite his suspicions, his heart tells him the worst mistake he will ever make isn’t trusting her again, but letting her walk out of his life a second time…

(Length: 33,000 words)

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Denver (305)


Denver (307)


Colorado (1,596)


United States (64,950)

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Rocky Mountains (370)