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Bayou Moon

In The Broken, people shop at Walmart, and magic only lives in fairy tales; in The Weird, aristocrats still rule and the strength of your magic controls your fate; and The Edge is the borderland where anything can happen...

William Wolf will never be normal; he is a loner, a changeling, hated by the people of the Weird, yet rigorously trained and coldly used for the very qualities they fear. Now exiled, he's recruited again by those he's happily abandoned – who offer him a chance for revenge against his greatest enemy...Spider, a murderous agent of the Hand.

Cerise Mar's noble legacy is an 80-year-old family feud, an impressive holding of swampland, a gift for the 'old magic', a large contentious family – and no money. When her parents go missing and conflict with the rival Sheerile clan hits a new high, Cerise must lead the entire Mar family against them. And then things get complicated: it seems there's a traitor in her own clan, and the Sheeriles have a dangerously powerful ally...named Spider.

William and Cerise are possibly the two unlikeliest allies in the annals of the Edge; but though they have different missions, they share the same goal and, together they're unbeatable – if they can keep from killing each other.


Louisiana (1,489)
Georgia (1,485)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Piedmont (USA) (1,063)
Deep South (4,776)