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Cowboy Trouble

A cowboy like that could break your heart...

Fleeing her latest love-life disaster, big city journalist Libby Brown's transition to rural living isn't going exactly as planned. Her childhood dream has always been to own a farm-but without the constant help of her charming, sexy cowboy neighbor, she'd never make it through her first Wyoming season.

Handsome rancher Luke Rawlins is impressed by this sassy, independent city girl, but he yearns to do more than help Libby out with her ranch. He's ready for love, and he wants to go the distance. When the two get embroiled in their tiny town's one and only crime story, Libby discovers that their sizzling hot attraction is going to complicate her life in every way possible...

Praise for Cowboy Trouble:
"A fresh take on the traditional contemporary Western... There's plenty of wacky humor and audacious wit in this mystery-laced escapade." -Library Journal
Contemporary western fans will enjoy this one!" -The Romantic Times
"Everything about Kennedy's charming debut novel hits the right marks... you'll be hooked." -BookLoons


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