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Of Guns and Mules

When eighteen-year-old David Levi is arrested together with his father and friends and deported from their home in Palestine by the Turks, none of them knows what the future holds. But their spirits soar when they are offered the chance to enlist with the newly formed Zion Mule Corps, a service unit of Jewish soldiers commanded by the legendary ex-Russian war hero Joseph Trumpeldor. Their orders: to help the British army in its WWI Gallipoli offensive. David and his friends grow to manhood in the trenches, fighting first in the Zion Mule Corps and later with Zev Jabotinsky s dream unit, the Jewish Legion. Fighting from the Jerusalem Hills to Es-Salt, and from Es-Salt to Um Es-Shert near the Dead Sea, the Jewish Legion makes a significant contribution to General Allenby s successful drive to expel the Turks from Palestine. This eminently readable historical novel takes us on a journey to the dawning of the modern State of Israel, leading up to the days of the British Mandate for Palestine. Narrated with humor, gripping battle scenes, and a touching love story, Of Guns and Mules makes the history of pre-state Israel come alive.

Important places

Gelibolu (155)


Çanakkale (155)


Turkey (564)