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Marriages in Virginia, Spotsylvania County 1851-1900 and Orange County, 1851-1867

This work continues the author's effort to document marriages between residents of different Virginia counties. Many sources were used to compile this listing, including church records, minister's returns, marriage licenses, newspaper articles, and court records. The marriages are arranged alphabetically by groom's surname and include records for whites as well as blacks (many of whom had acquired surnames after the Civil War). The reader may find such information as: date of marriage, parents of the participants, occupation, race, previous marital status, residence, date and place of birth and death, and military affiliation. When the name of a church in which the ceremony took place is specifically mentioned in the marriage document, it is included in this listing. The index provides easy reference to brides. A small section of Spotsylvania County births is also included, taken from an 1853 to 1868 birth registration book. The author has refined this list to include only those people for whom a full name was given, and who lived past infancy. Many Negroes listed in this birth record did not have last names; those that could be easily traced without a surname are included here. This volume also includes a map and description of local sites, such as historic buildings, churches, and cemeteries.


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