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Journey through Bavaria (Journey Through...)

The majestic mountains of the Alps, Germany’s highest peak—the Zugspitze—and more than 100 lakes glittering in the foothills illustrate this exciting guide to the Bavarian region. The bustling atmosphere of Munich’s all-year market, the medieval cities of Rothenburg and Nuremberg, and festivals such as the world-famous Oktoberfest are investigated, proving the region to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. Ancient traditions are illustrated, showing how the locals still practice them with pride, both in urban centers and rural communities where time seems to have stood still. Showcasing magnificent buildings and historic sites—among them indomitable castles, the idyllic Wieskirche, and mighty Bamberg Cathedral—this travel companion also highlights the area’s beautiful gardens, fascinating museums, grand theaters, and famous opera houses such as Wagner’s Festspielhaus in Bayreuth. Capturing Bavaria in all its elemental beauty and glorious variety, this handbook also focuses on regional beverage beer, the cheese makers of the Allgäu, and Ludwig II’s palatial architectural masterpieces.


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