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Love Songs From a Shallow Grave

As usual, all is abnormal in Dr Siri Paiboun's morgue. The good doctor and his team are investigating the case of the Three Epées: three women skewered by a sword through the heart. A culprit has been apprehended, tried and sentenced to death. But Siri isn't sure they have the right man.

Unfortunately, the number one (and only) coroner of Laos isn't in a position to help anyone - not even himself. As his birthday dawns, Siri finds himself incarcerated and staring starvation and torture in the face. As usual, his curiosity is to blame for his predicament, but this time it looks as though his inquisitiveness could be the end of him…

Important places

Vientiane (18)


Vientiane [prefecture] (18)


Cambodia (177)
Laos (18)

Other geographical areas

Indochina Peninsula (557)
South-Eastern Asia (2,613)