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EyeLeash: A Blog Novel

Jade Ashton is a sassy virgin. In her private blog, she vents about "fitting in" a world where superficiality reigns supreme.

Suddenly all logic flies out the window when she meets Novan: the former geek, who's morphed into a delicious songwriter-musician.

They decide to be "friends-with-benefits." But it's Novan--with his poems and riddling passages on his own blog--that backs out.

EyeLeash captures self-discovery in the 2000s, and showcases the colorful, intricate drama in two youths' relentless search for themselves--and what's really in their hearts.

GENRE: Social Issues (Dating & Sex) / Coming of Age / New Media / Popular Culture / 65,000 words

Praise for Jess C Scott's EYELEASH:

"The conversation [in EyeLeash] struck me as totally authentic--the form [of the novel] is integral to the story. This is how young people experience sex. It's how they experience love. The novel captures what they do, how they interact and how they feel...a mature mix." --Joseph Grinton, independent reviewer, July 18, 2009

"...I felt like I was experiencing a YA Bridget Jones's Diary." --Stacey W. Benefiel, May 22, 2010

"Though [EyeLeash: A Blog Novel] is far different from the fluffy Twilight series, don’t be surprised if Jess C Scott’s books spark the next reading revolution. Scott’s original voice and style don’t just tell a story, they tell the way of teenage life."
-- K.M.D., Amazon Review


[novan]: bassists are very good with their fingers
[novan]: and some of us sing backup vocals, so that means we're good with our mouths too...
¤Jade¤: awesome *that goes for your last sentence too ;)*
[novan]: haha :P
¤Jade¤: oh my i'm looking at some pix of sid vicious
¤Jade¤: he's SO bangable
[novan]: ROFL. it's too bad a preppy punk poseur of our day compared herself to sid in a SellOut Magazine interview.

**You have successfully received C:Documents and SettingsOwnerMy DocumentsMy Received FilesRed Hot Chili Peppers - Get On Top.mp3 from [novan].**


Jess writes edgy/contemporary fiction, and is an English/Business senior at Adams State College. Her literary work has appeared in a diverse range of publications such as Word Riot and ITCH Magazine. EyeLeash, her debut novel, was inspired by a conspiracy of real life events.


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