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Our goal is to make creating simple, collaborative maps easy. We believe creating and using participatory maps should be as straightforward as using any other online forum or social media. It's free and focussed on simplicity and ease of use.

Mappit enables you to build participatory maps that inform and engage for community mapping and public consultation.

Set the agenda for discussion by defining the topic and the geographical scope of the map. As the map creator you can draw key features of interest which are highlighted on the map. Your stakeholders can use this custom map to inform themselves of the nature and location of the issues being discussed and contribute suggestions and concerns. As moderator you can edit or remove off-topic or unsuitable content.

Mappit is also an ideal platform for sharing and discussing niche interests that have a spatial element. You can use the maps for any application you like, such as showing mountain bothies in Scotland, sightings of a wildlife species, filming locations for a tv series, Banksy artwork, where to find precious gems, independent record shops, traditional recipes from a specific area or interactive travel journals where the reader can follow journeys and their accompanying stories.

Mappit is developed and maintained by Alexander Mackie. He started this site as a place to put this map of books and the places they are set in and didn't know when to stop. In addition to his day job as a geospatial consultant and developer, he hikes long distance trails and rides his bicycle.

Contact alexander(at)mappit[dot]net or via LinkedIn.