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An Italian Home:: Settling by Lake Como (Italian Trilogy)

"Paul Wright's tribute to the robust pleasures of village life brings out the generosity and humanity of the inhabitants of Lake Como” Desmond O’Grady, Italian Insider Review:---Just what is it like for a foreigner to live and work in a northern Italian village, and become part of the community? How tough is it to leave your home country and settle in a new one? What do you have to do to be accepted by the people who live in a village that has existed for over five hundred years? Award-winning stage designer and artist Paul Wright and his wife found out the hard way, working, playing, laughing, eating and drinking alongside the residents of a beautiful lakeside village on the shores of Lake Como.Paul and his wife had had enough of Britain in the 1990s recession so they left for Italy - except that they had no work there and Paul could not speak a word of Italian! That didn't stop them diving head first into the life of their adopted village, Moltrasio. They soon found work; Paul as a mural painter and his wife in an office in Milan, Paul was recruited by the local football team and they both took part in the fabulous summer and Christmas festivals and the mangialonge - the 'long eats' where groups of locals drive off into the country to feast on the best local food and wines, all day. They gain a new neighbour, George Clooney, who gained great popularity amongst the locals, and they lose an older, very near neighbour, fashion designer Gianni Versace who was brought back to rest in his native Moltrasio after he was gunned down in Miami. Paul's dry sense of humour and artistic observation brings the lakeside village and its inhabitants to life, and he is guaranteed to make your mouth water with his wonderful descriptions of the local food....AIH Book Review:---Every year rafts of people make the decision to pack up their lives and swap afternoon tea for aperitivi. In this sincere and openly honest account of ‘Settling by Lake Como,’ Paul relives the highs and lows of their Italian adventure: This compelling book by a talented story teller provides a personal insight in to the day-to-day life - and the struggles - of becoming expats. What develops is an intimate piece of prose, which envelopes the reader in all the frustrations, heartaches and joys of a couple trying to find their feet in Italy, from gaining social acceptance to experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of their first local festa. For anyone considering moving to or holidaying in Italy, this book makes an entertaining, warm and honest guide.

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